Stitches on chin scar; how do I remove it?

I had fallen on a cement stair 20 years back. N I hav 3 stitches on my chin. Since those days dissolvable stitches wher not ther.. I hav. A mark on chin. I want to get rid of it. Pl suggest me. Any cosmetic procedure or any other??

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Scar After Repair of Chin Laceration

Hello zubaida khanum~ Many options are available to improve the appearance of facial scars. If the mark is pigmented, it may benefit from a laser treatment or bleaching cream. If there is a textural irregularity such as a depression, it may be improved with surgical excision, resurfacing with microneedling and PRP, or filler injection. Please include a photograph or see a physician for more detailed recommendations. Best wishes,
Amy Hsu

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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