One of my eyes is slightly bigger than the other. I am 29. Please suggest how can I be cured (Photo)

please help me on this issue i am facing vergy much problem in my life so please help me

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One of my eyes is slightly bigger than the other. I am 29. Please suggest how can I be cured

Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to evaluate your eyes based on the pictures that you sent. We will need to see a front view and one from each side to give you a better opinion. You may also require an MRI/CT Scan to look at the tissues around your eyes. You may be a candidate for a Blepharoplasty procedure or a Canthopexy procedure. Please find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or a Oculoplasty surgeon in your area who can assess you and offer treatment options. 

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Thank you for your question. A blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) can address excess fatty tissue and skin around the eyes which can create a more youthful and more even appearance, although surgery cannot change your bone structure and thus there will always be some asymmetry or slight difference in the position of both eyelids. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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One eye bigger

Multiple factors may contribute to one eye appearing larger than the other - it may be the position of the eye in the eye socket, you may have myopia/ near-sightedness more on one side than the other, congenital glaucoma, the bone of the socket may have been injured in the past, congenital facial bone differences, chronic changes in the bone from sinus problems. An evaluation with an Oculoplastic surgeon would help answer your questions and discuss a solution to your asymmetry. Best wishes.

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