Sill Excision Did Not Work?

I'm from India , sill excision didnt work , didnt move alae even by 1mm. Then during revision part of columellar footplate adjacent to sill was removed nothing happened. Base reduction failed for me.I told my surgeon it didnt work , he says nothing more can be done. Then I researched a bit , condition called broad columellar base or splayed footplate of medial crura , can cause failure of standard base reduction procedures , reduction columelloplasty can fix this.

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Alar Base Reduction

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   If the problem is that the nostrils appear too large and the ala are too wide, alar base correction corrects this.  If the issue is that the columella itself is too wide, the footplates can be sutured together, but, if the skin is thick, this may not produce much of a change.

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