Salicylic acid peel. (photo)

Hello today i applied salysilic acid 20 % today and my face is red and looks like burnt... Then afterwards i applied bio oil.. I am literally terrified by looking at my face Please help

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Post Salicylic peel redness

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Hi,Dont worry.The redness will subside in a couple of days.apply a sunscreen,follow strict photo protection.apply a mild steroid based cream,for three days and a very mild face wash for sensitive skin.Stop all other ointments and retionic acid or benzoyl peroxide based creams till the redness subsides

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Elevase ceramide cream after a salicylic acid peel

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Apply Elevase ceramide cream and Melarase PM cream to soothe the skin and prevent pigmentation after your peel. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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