What procedures should I go for armpit fat/ axillary breast removal? (Photo)

I am 5'7" and under 58 kgs. I've always been fairly thin but I have huge lumps under both armpits which grew in size from my early twenties. I can't wear sleeveless tops and I would like to have them removed. Judging from the photo, can the excess tissue be removed by liposuction alone or would it require an incisive surgery?

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Correcting axillary bulge

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Thank you for asking about your axillary bulge.
  • From the photo, I suspect you will need a combination of liposuction and removal of excess skin -
  • With the incision hidden in the axilla.
  • My patients from India tend to have loose skin - and excision is more common than in some other groups.
  • But an exam is needed to be sure -
  • So please see a plastic surgeon for a specific plan.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

What procedures should you go for armpit fat?

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Far more important than deciding if liposuction or a BBL is for you is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let him explain why one technique may be better than another and if you need a tummy tuck. Many board certified plastic surgeons provide a free first time consult and you should take advantage of that! See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for you!

Axillary bulges

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Axillary bulges can be cause by fat, by the tail of the breast or more often by a combination of the two.

If fat is predominant liposuction is usually the best solution involving minimal scarring.

In some cases a small skin excision is required and this could be done through a small incision in the armpit so that the scar is well hidden.


Mr  Netri 

Giorgio Netri, MBBS
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction of the inner thigh is common and easy

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I do these all the time with liposuction. Because there is no good way to keep pressure on this area during the healing process, it does bruise and take a little longer to heal. The results are excellent but occasionally I have to excise the excess skin with an incision hidden in the armpit.

Arm pit lumps

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The most important first step is to establish a correctdiagnosis. That will determine what is the best treatment.Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation.Best wishes.

Fernando Colon, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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