Post rhinoplasty, is taping and tablets with bromelaine and rutoside helpful for swelling? (photo)

HI.. i would like to know if tabs containing combination of trypsin, bromelain and rutoside helpful in controlling the post op edema? also my surgeon did not suggest any self taping after removing splint.. still should i go for it.. how can it be done on my own.. if any one can post videos for the method.. i will be great full.. thank you.

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Post rhinoplasty, is taping and tablets with bromelaine and rutoside helpful for swelling?

You need to see YOUR surgeon to discuss the postoperative care he/she wants you to use/do. We can not suggest these items even if I use them on my patients! We are not for chosen surgeons and can not take the responsibility od suggesting you do self care. 

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Rhinoplasty final result usually visible at four months.


I don't think any manipulation of the nose after rhinoplasty is a good idea.  Bromolain may help, but it is mostly a matter of time.

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Methods for Reducing Swelling after Rhinoplasty

             At this point, the effect of any of these maneuvers would not have much of an effect.  I have recommended many of these things from time to time, and I usually tape the nose after the splint comes off at a week.  Please realize that there is very little quality evidence based medicine for these things.  The reduction in swelling after a week is largely due to patient dependent healing, which cannot be quickened. 

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