Post Rhinoplasty 5th Day. Nose is Asymmetric Than Before. Bruising and Skin Changes Still Present? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty, osteotomy,tip repair and got my splint removed today, 5th day. I have many doubts. 1 I felt the adhesive strips on my splint was placed asymmetrically, its lower and oblique on lt and horizontal and upper on rt. Does it affect how the bones unite also. Because after the splint is removed I feel that dorsum is straighter on lt but curved on rt. 2.The radix ht appears too much from side. 3.The whole of the tip, nose appears twisted to rt. 4.Lt nostril elongated but Rt is round.

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Rhinoplasty final result usually visible at four months.

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Just answered another of your questions.  It is just too early to worry.  You may have an imperfect result, but there is nothing to do for months.

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Rhinoplasty Concerns at Postop Day 5

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   Your tip has clearly been reduced and is much smaller even at day 5Asymmetric swelling is common at this point, and you should not judge final results at day 5.  Your tip has been rotated upward, and nostril asymmetry is always unmasked when the tip is rotated upward.  Your nostrils were asymmetric before, as many are.  Steristrips probably have little effect.  The more important issues are how the osteotomies were performed and how the splint was molded.  Be patient.  It will take at least a few months to get an idea of long term results.

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