By seeing my photo, does I really need a Rhinoplasty surgery ? (photos)

My nose is big according to the face as I look in the mirror.. Does really I need a surgery or without it will be ok ?

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Do I need a Rhinopalsty(male)?

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Hello and thanks for your question.This is your choice.My job is to listen to what concerns you, and then offer Rhinoplasty or other facial surgery solutions that I believe can address those problems.The decision to have surgery never rests with me unless this is medically indicated, like, say breathing problems originating from a nasal obstruction.The way you look and how you feel about it is always for you to decide. People view looks differently based on many factors, and what is beautiful or acceptable to some, may be seen differently by others.
Thanks for your question. I hope this has been helpful.

Who needs a rhinoplasty?

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Nobody needs a rhinoplasty. Some people with traumatic nasal deformities 'need' a septorhinoplasty and here the internal nose is also operated on. People want a rhinoplasty. I've seen some people who I would think would clear want to fix their nose but aren't interested. And there are others wanting rhinoplasty for subtle changes most people would hardly notice. The question is do u want a rhinoplasty? And that is a question only u can answer.

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