Can I get a phenol peel to get a few shades lighter and for a little PIH?

I am 22 yrs old Indian with an light olive shade skin. Was wondering if I can undergo a controlled phenol peel to get a few shades lighter without suffering from any patchy hypopigmentation or demarcations. And which phenol peel will be effective and safe for the same. Thank you in advance :)

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Deep phenol peels are for deep etched wrinkles.  There is no better treatment.  However the is no control over the pigmentation effects and there is a line of demarcation at the borders of the peel in terms of color and  texture, You may lighten. You may darken.  You may blotch.  Highly pigmented skin is at greatest risk. In some populations there is increased chance of scars.

At twenty two years old, you cannot afford to take a chance that may unfavorably alter your life.  If you are beautiful on the inside, you will be beautiful on the outside. NO, NO, NO, NO

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