Penis issue after gynecomastia surgery. Any suggestions?

It is the 4th day after my gynecomastia surgery and I feel like I'm not getting a boner any more ,there is no sensation .is it because of anaesthesia or catheter that was placed after the surgery?

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Lacking Penis Activity Post-Op

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Hello and thank you for your question. It is definitely difficult to tell if your current issue is a direct result of your procedure, or if it may simply be a temporary response to anesthesia or medication. Here are some of the simple questions asked about activity time post-op:When can I return to work? In general 3-5 days after the operation for office work and 7-14 days for jobs requiring physical activity. Please discuss this with your doctor should you have specific concerns or questions.    
When can I exercise? Usually 1 week after surgery you can begin taking moderate walks or ride a stationary bike. Strenuous work-outs or aerobic exercise can begin around 4 weeks post-op. Please get approval from your doctor before you begin any work-out regimen.Since it has been a little while since you first entered this question, it may be a good idea to see your surgeon directly if this is still an issue and you have continued concerns. Best of luck, and I hope all is well!

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