Operated 11 days ago, having asymmetrical nostrils and slighlty crooked Nose and nasal bridge gap after rhinoplasty (Photo)

Hello,i'm 25 years old. had rhinoplasty (Open) with Alar base reduction for nostrils.had fracture 10 years ago ,n got a crooked nose. i'm 11 days post op n had my cast n stitches removed 3 days before, i want to ask about d remnants of alar base reduction stitches? I feel there is a gap in the left nostril. will it heal properly or i'll need a new stitch to gather d two sides? and how i'm looking after the surgery as i'm not completely satisfied by the surgery and result after 11 days. Thank you

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Its too early

Final results after a Rhynoplasty are seen after 12 months of surgery. Its too soon right now.Try to relax and be patience. Keep comunication with your surgeon and all follow ups.You should be much better on a couple of months, dont leave your doctors recomendations.
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