Why is my nose getting crooked? It's not a genetic problem, I've never experienced a broken nose situation (Photo)

i noticed this from last 1 year... i usually sleep on my face, is that cause me for my nose...? is there any nonsurgical treatment that can help me...?

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Crooked nose correction non-surgically

1) Many if not most people have bumped there nose even as children or toddlers learning how to walk and even if you have not broken the bone, most have damaged the cartilage.  2) In many people there is no perfect "midline" axis on the face.  In many people the center of the eyes does not line up perfectly on the center of the upper lip.  Thus the "ground" for the nose is not directly under the "roof" for the nose and the septum connects these two points so its almost always at a slant.  3) It is extremely rare to find a perfectly straight septum or nose because of the two issues above4) You can create the illusion of symmetry by injecting the nose with Restylane in an asymmetric way filling in the depressed or slanted side that is creating shadows.

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