MEDPOR Chin Implant Pulling my Lower Lips? (photo)

I got a medpor chin implant placed intraorally 10days back. My lower lip is being pulled down by the implant. lower lip and chin area is completely numb. when I try to join my lips together i feel lower lips are being pulled down and i am not able to pronounce P , B etc as they require bringing lips together. Is the implant large for me ??

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Chin Implant Pulling Lower Lip

   At 10 days, swelling is playing a role in the result.  I must say that a profile view would be much more helpful in the analysis.  Having said that, I have never had an issue with the lip being pulled down after chin implant surgery  

Chin Implant and pulling on Lower lip


Dear Rockingritu,

Ten days post surgery and with an intra oral incision you still have a lot of swelling. I would give this some more time to settle before determining any long term problems with speech, mouth occlusion etc..If you are still experiencing the same problems in thirty days I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon for further advisement. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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