What are the measurements and procedure done before the icl surgery?

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Measurements and procedure done before the ICL surgery

This is a great question.  The ICL pre-operative exam is one of the longest exams my team performs.  We measure prescription both before and after cycloplegic dilation. We check for glaucoma.  We do a fundus exam - which means we check to see if the retina is healthy.  We look for dryness, and measure angles.  We also measure the length of the chamber to make sure it can accommodate the lens.  Prior to the insertion of the lens, the doctor may need to perform a laser peripheral iridotomy (PI)- in the US most doctors will need to do this.  In other areas the lens comes with the PIs already in it.  PIs improve the circulation of the fluid inside the eye and widens the chamber angle.  Some doctors perform the PIs the same day as lens insertion, some may do it a week or so in advance.  

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