Indian male. 27years old. 6ft. 117kgs. Hypertensive. Borderline diabetic. Asthmatic.

Hi, I'm from Kolkata, India. I am 27years old and I weigh about 117kgs. I'm 6ft tall though. Comorbidity issues such as hypertension, asthma, sleep apnea, joint aches are all there. Diabetes runs in the family too. I can barely use the stairs even. I have decided to undergo a bariatric surgery but I'm not being able to decide the procedure. Sleeve, gastric bypass or mini-bypass. Btw I'm a high volume eater with a sweet tooth. Please help me.

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Indian male. 27years old. 6ft. 117kgs. Hypertensive. Borderline diabetic. Asthmatic

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hello considering your weight and height your account with a imb 36 For this reason alone you are already candidado for surgery coupled your blood pressure, and your age of 27 I think a sleeve gastric enough for you and to lose weight the possibilities to develop diabetes will decrease, plus is a procedure with better quality of life after surgery, because remember the most important thing is not to lose weight but on quality of life after surgery. and recalls that the duration of the procedure's effectiveness depends not only the surgery but the patient's eating habits

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