Is there a substition for rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hello doctors and friends, Can anyone please tell me is there any substitution for rhinoplasty, I think my parents wont allow for rhinplasty. So I need something else I need something to bend my nose from ala, as you can see when I lay pressure on ala it looks fine. Even when I press it hard for 1 minute it looks like nothings wrong but after sometime it turns back to original. Again and again I have to put real hard pressure on it. Is there any way to make it permanently bend down? Thank you.

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Aesthetic changes possible during non surgical rhinoplasty

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A number of changes to the appearance of the nose are possible during nonsurgical rhinoplasty, but unfortunately the ala can not be reshaped as you have demonstrated with your fingers.  The only permanent and predictable way to achieve that change is through a surgical rhinoplasty.  

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