I have scars that left stitch marks on the left forehead & left (mildly fractured) hand. What would you recommend? (photo)

I had an accidental 1 month back on a two wheeler. Resulting in sutures being placed on my forehead & hand, I have only been applying bio oil & rose hip oil on them by far, I haven't seen a dermatologist till now, but I intend to this week. I'm an 23yrs Indian girl, so please suggest some doable procedures or cosmetic treatment, to heal from them completely. I got scars on my knees as well, please suggest some treatment for the same. There is Keloid formation also. Much Thanks.

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Scar Treatment

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Thank you for posting photos.

There are a variety of treatments available to help improve the appearance of your scars.  We typically recommend a combination approach, using multiple treatment modalities to help you achieve the best cosmetic result.  

Thick, raised scars can benefit from injections of steroids directly into the scar itself - with serial injections, this can soften and flatten the scar.  Sometimes, we will combine other medications with the steroids to increase their effect.  Vascular lasers can help reduce the redness of some of these scars, while skin resurfacing lasers will help improve their color and texture with time.  Lastly, in some of your depressed scars could potentially benefit from injection of dermal fillers, which would help temporarily improve the contour of the skin and get rid of shadowing.

Please see a dermatologist with extensive experience in cosmetic and laser surgery for best results.  In the interim, I would also recommend that you start using excellent sun protection, as sun exposure will worsen any pigment changes at these sites.  Good luck!  

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