Will hyluronidase help with my bulgy cheek and depression that forms when I smile caused by filler? (Photo)

I had juvederm xc in my teartrough.she injctd som of d fillers in my cheeks Whc hv gven thm a protuded look whn i smile n a depression forms on the side of my cheeks.d piks tht i hv attached will tell better.what can i do abt it as a depression forms wen i smile.Can this be corrected with hyaluronidase? I hv read bad reviews about it ? If administered a rlly small quanity will the bulge dissapear?

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Visit a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the option of hyaluronidase.

Visit a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the option of hyaluronidase. The depression may require a small amount of filler to the area. Unfortunately the photo is unclear. An in person consultation will be beneficial to determine treatment.

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Distortion after filler

I'm sorry but the photos and description are insufficient to answer your question.  Generically speaking,  hyaluronic acid filler is dissolved by hyaluronidase enzyme.  I am always very conservative when I use the enzyme and sometimes have to do it twice.  (Better to under correct than overshoot!)  Keep in mind that there are other causes for facial distortion such as swelling, hematoma, and scar tissue that might be causing the problem. 

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