I Had my Septorhinoplasty Done 2 and a Half Month Ago. Can I Start Wearing Sunglasses? (photo)

because its getting really hot in here ..just wondering because i dont want to mess with the shape of my new nose !

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Good communication

I agree with the other responses in general.

I would encourage following up with your surgeon so you can collaborate to decide what eyewears are right for you.

Rhinoplasty usually takes years to mature so involving your surgeon on decisions that may impact your outcome may be prudent.

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It is OK to wear sunglasses now

You have had 2 1/2 months or 10 weeks for your bones to heal. That's plenty of time for the nasal bones to become solid enough for you to resume wearing your glasses. By the way, nice results!

Thanks for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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Sunglasses after septorhinoplasty


You can wear sunglasses that are light and are not putting pressure on the nose. Also make sure your glasses do not have the nasal facets on them that may pinch on the dorsum of the nose. You can also always put a small strip of invisible tape wrapped around the center of the glasses to the forehead which will allow the glasses not to rest directly on the nose. I would suggest bringing a few pairs of sunglasses to your surgeons office and they will be happy to instruct you on proper usage. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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