I have some issues in my left eye after my ICL surgery!

Within few hours of ICL surgery my left eye got swollen.The next day when they checked they told me that there was a minute injury in my eyes since my eyes might have become dry during surgery bt that isn't something to be worried about& they prescribed some medicines and even though it has heeled i have some clarity issues with my left eye.Vision is perfect 6/6 and my number is 0 still there are clarity issues from the beginning whereas no issues in the right eye I am really worried.Please help

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Problems after ICL

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if you are 1.0 or 6/6 or 20/20 or whatever you are by definition clearask them if they might have hit your native lens during ICL insertion as that can cause a cataract but you seem too close to surgery to have that developyou might have inflammation in that eye requiring more steroidsor HOA for which you would need a laser treatment as ICL cannot fix HOA (look it up)

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