I have gyneo. My doctor say its normal. In my profession fitness modeling, judge says my chest asymmetric.Any suggestion?(photo)

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About Assymetrical Gynecomastia

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Breast #asymmetry is the condition when both breasts are not equal in size. In men, gynecomastia can include only one or both breasts. #Unilateral gynecomastia occurs when only one breast is larger due to gynecomastia, while the other breast is typically normal in both size and shape. #Bilateral asymmetry occurs when gynecomastia is present in both breasts, although each to a different degree. The amount of glandular tissue can affect the size, shape, and location on the chest wall of the enlarged area, the size of the areolas, and protrusion and diameter of the nipples.

Unequal or unilateral gynecomastia is not an uncommon condition. It is more significant when there are very noticeable differences between the two breasts. Usually, the degree of difference between the two breasts is not severe. Through a study of his patients, however, more than 80% of male breasts are not symmetrical, but the severity varies greatly from patient to patient. Patients should take this into consideration while examining their chests prior to surgery.

In addition to correcting the difference between breast sizes, the #areola often shrinks when #gynecomastia excision is performed. In more pronounced cases, the areola may even be larger. When the glandular tissue is removed, the areola #symmetry may improve.
The conditions that make up #asymmetry can often be corrected to some degree. It is very individual and varies for each patient. Every prospective surgical candidate should discuss this condition with an experienced plastic surgeon prior to surgery. The plastic surgeon’s role is to educate each individual patient as to the possible degree of improvement that can be realistically achieved in his particular case.

I have gyneo. My doctor say its normal. In my profession fitness modeling, judge says my chest asymmetric.Any suggestion?

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Hello sumeeth,
Both your doctor and trainer are correct.
In the most common scenario, gynaecomastia is not a disease but some difference in growth that occurs in more than 50-60% of men.
But it results is a badly out of shape chest.
There are not medications or exercises to correct this condition.
The best option to correct it is surgery - liposuction and gland excision.
best of luck

Congratulations on being a fitness model

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Congratulations on staying fit and on top of the game.

Based on your pictures, you appear to have mild to moderate gynecomastia.

This is a condition that is generally quite easily treated with liposuction with or without a small incision for possibly removing firm glandular tissue.

I suggest you talk to an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon if you're interested in having treatments for it.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

Gynecomastia Correction

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Hi sumeet6199,

Thank you for your post.  Based on your photographs, you do have gynecomastia with asymmetry between the left and right. I would recommend that you be evaluated by a board-certified plastic surgeon who specialized in gynecomastia surgery.  You will need surgery to correct this, as there is no pill or cream that will treat true gynecomastia. Given that your profession is fitness modeling, there is a greater emphasis on physique which may influence your decision to pursue surgery.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Dadvand


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You appear to have true gynecomastia as you are very thin. This would require liposuction and excision of tissue via a periareolar incision.

Gynecomastia Correction

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Hello, Thanks for posting your photographs.

Its seems (in your pictures) that you have gynecomastia and asymmetry in the chest but not severe. Many people tend to accept this condition while others get bothered. Surgical Correction may be indicated only if you have issues with its appearance as it is very personal decision. If it really bothers you, you can get it surgically corrected. In my opinion, a day-care procedure of gynecomastia correction (through trans nipple delivery of fibro-glandular tissue following liposuction) can improve it without any additional scarring.
Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon before making a decision. All the best!

R. K. Mishra, MCh, DNB
India Plastic Surgeon

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