I Feel Sad Looking at my Pinched Lifted Nose and Uneven Chin Implant. Suggestions That Can Improve Both? (photo)

it was my first rhinoplasty and I got a chin implant also along with it. today at the 8th day the cast was removed and i feel devastated looking at my nose. Dr told to give, tip projection, nostril height equaling and straight nose to my slumping nose with unequal nostril. you can see the before and after picture of my nose. what should be my next step now. how can I achieve a natural looking nose?

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Increased Tip Projection

     Give yourself time to heal first.  When you have, tip projection can be improved with cartilage grafting to build this up.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Disappointed after rhinoplasty

I'm really sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with your rhinoplasty. In general, healing after rhinoplasty takes a full year. At 8 days it is too early to tell the final appearance of your nose, but certain things like the lack of projection will not improve with time. I do think your nose can be improved. It appears you still lack adequate projection, the tip is rotated up too much, and the hump, while smaller, is still present. You also have a poorly defined radix, which makes a big difference in the overall look. It is hard to tell from the photos how your nostrils are doing. My recommendation would be to allow more time for the nose to heal, and see a surgeon who has experience with advanced revision rhinoplasty techniques. (In the US this would be either a board certified plasticsurgeon or facial plastic surgeon with experience with revision rhinoplasty.) Important questions I have are how is your breathing, and did your surgeon do a septoplasty? If you are having breathing difficulty, this can be addressed at the same time. If part of your septum was removed, you may need grafts taken from your ear or rib cartilage to rebuild the structure of your nose. It's possible you may need a fascia graft as well. Before jumping into any revision surgery, do careful research and make sure the surgeon is qualified to do your revision, understands what you want, and feels he or she can deliver those results. You want to make sure you agree on what would look best on you and allow you to breathe comfortably.

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Unhappy with rhinoplasty

Being unhappy with rhinoplasty 8 days after surgery may be a little early to tell.  It all depends on what your expectations were prior to surgery.  You have a typical Indian nose with a dorsal hump and drooping tip.  Now the nose does not have the hump and tip is smaller.  While this may make some western women happy it may be too small for you.  It does appear you need more tip projection.  If you are unhappy with the tip projection at this point then you will be more so with time.  Tip projection is created by reshaping the tip cartilage and adding a considerable amount of cartilage usually from the ear or septum.  Looking at the frontal shot of before and after your nostrils were asymmetrical prior to surgery so it looks like its similarly asymmetrical now.  Better pictures and a worms eye view may be more helpful to assess this.  I would suggest you discuss how the tip was made.  Did you use cartilage and if so how much and where it was placed.  or did he use an implant.  All of these play a factor.  I would recommend adding more cartilage, leaving the width of the tip alone for now and doing a liposuction on the neck to better define your neck line.

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
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