Cornial thickness of 513(right) and 516(Left) and my prescription is -7.75 Sph. in both eyes. Can I go for a lasik?

My age is 21 and my cornial thickness and prescription is as above in ques. So my eyes are proper for the lasik operation or not...and if yes then is there a risk of the cornial thickness or any other limitations in future...and if no for lasik than what should i have to do ?

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LASIK Candidacy

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Based only on the information you have provided, your corneas are slightly too thin for LASIK.  However, every surgeon has their own threshold of what corneal thickness they feel is safe for surgery.  I recommend that you get a consultation with a LASIK surgeon so that they can discuss this further and assess the health of your eyes.  If LASIK is not an option, you may consider PRK, or ICL.

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