I am a 22 year old female, having hair loss & brittle nails due to which they keep on breaking?

i have dandruff issue during the winters. my mensuration cycle is a regular & i have no issues with it. what could be the possible reason except dandruff? is dandruff a big enough of a reason?

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Hair loss in women

This is not due to dandruff. Women with hair that breaks and nails that do the same should see a dermatologist for an assessment

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Hair loss and brittle nails

There are dozens of reasons for hair loss and dandruff is not usually one of them.You need a comprehensive assessment by a dermatologist. I often say that hair and nails are like cousins - the factors helping hair growth often help nail growth as well. Similarly, the factors that lead to nail breakage can often also lead to hair loss.You need a full review of your medical history along with a close up examination of your nails and hair. Blood tests in your case are mandatory as well.

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