I'm 23 and I'm losing my hair. What are my options? (Photo)

Im having hair fall like 3O hair a day are falling before i used to take saw palmetto and horsetail extract , i have stopped taking it since long time but when I separate my hair i see tones small hair sprouting out are those new hair which i had lost them and doctor told me its androgentic alopecia but with some their technology like laser comb and few medicines mentioned above made my hair normal but i have stopped it i kinda feel its thinning and i have grey hair i guess makes less hair volume

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I'm 23 and I'm losing my hair. What are my options?

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Thank you for your question.

Loss of hair is a natural process when it is between the limits that the body can restore them. When the capacity of the body to restore the hair loss is beaten by the excessive hair loss then we can name this situation something that should be treated. Women started to experience balding even more in the last 2 decades. It is getting more and more common also in women population. However it is also good to know that this problem is also treatable when it is present in women.

To obtain alive hair follicles implanted in higher rates, the latest technique being used is not the only manner, it is also affected by compliance of implantation area that we found a better way to improve as a result of our researches, The Organic Hair Transplantation. By this new and unique Organic Hair Transplantation Technique, before the extraction and implantation processes; we regenerate the implantation area with injection of stem cell enriched fat tissue. Regeneration of cells in target area before FUE transplantation with the support of stromal stem cells results in higher rate of alive thicker hair follicles.

Organic Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called “donor site” to bald or balding part of the body known as the “recipient site”. Grafts containing hair follicles that are obtained from genetically resistant to balding area transplanted to the bald scalp by latest minimally invasive technique. One of the most important reasons of the hair loss is the decreased quality of the scalp. Therefore to make the only transplantation would provide only a limited benefit without improving the quality of the scalp. In the “Organic Hair Transplantation”

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You need to see a doctor if you're concerned about hair loss and would like a medical opinion.

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You need to see a doctor if you're concerned about hair loss and would like a medical opinion. There are many causes of hair loss and you need an examination and a diagnosis before considering treatment options.  Not sure how hoarse's tail or saw palmetto can help with your problem if you don't know what you're treating.

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Hair Loss at 23

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If you are losing hair, you are in the very early stages.  Typically your doctor would recommend finasteride and romaine to treat, both of which you could consider.  Additional options include PRP (platelet rich plasma) and growth factors which are safe and derived from your own blood.  The benefit is a slowing of hair loss and improved growth.  However, you should first be adequately diagnosed before starting any treatment.  Hair loss in younger people can also be due to more serious conditions. 

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23 and losing hair

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Your biggest enemy is the progressive balding that you might have in the next 5 or so years. The degree of balding that you may be showing could suggest genetic balding but you need a doctor to determine this. With a positive diagnosis, the doctor will try the drug finasteride for one year. Get Bulk Measurements of your hair to determine the degree of the progression or if you successfully stopped or reversed it because you need to get insights into your immediate and long term future. If you are developing a more advanced balding pattern which the Bulk Measurements will show over a one year time frame, then you and your doctor need to develop a MASTER PLAN.

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