My surgeon says i use sydney colmen technique pioneein fat grafting.survival is 90 percent. Is it true?

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Survival or "percent take" of fat varies among individuals.  Providing patients with an exact number, especially if the number is as high as 90 percent, seems inaccurate.  In studies, take varies between 30-80 percent depending upon technique.  In my practice with an experience of over 1500 procedures, we centrifuge the fat, among other techniques, to optimize results.

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Is 90% Fat Transfer Survival True? What is the Meaning of Life?

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Impossible to answer but highly unlikely!!!

First, anyone who talks about percent fat survival in fat transplantation does not understand fat transplantation.  Yu cannot measure fat in fat.  You cannot go in under the skinand differentiate the fat that was there (recipient fat) from the new fat that was transplantated (donor fat).  Specialists who understand fat talk about "Percent Volume Maintenance", which is very different from percent fat survival.  Here is an example:  if, after I transplanted 10cc of fat into a cheek, 100% of the fat cells survived, but they each shrunk by one half, we would have 5cc, or 50% volume maintenance of the graft.  However, 100% of the cells survived.

Maybe this is what my colleage was trying to say when he stated it is complicated...

In any event, Syd Coeman deserves a great deal of credit for pioneering fat transplantation to the face and breast, and his techniques serve as principles for those disciples (myself included) who have followed him.


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Fat transfer survivial rates

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Dear Bilal200392,

  1. The actual percentage of fat grafting survival has been studied and varies according to technique
  2. Rates have been quoted from 30-80% survival
  3. With that said, you will be expecting a certain look and result, not a percentage of survival
  4. You should go to someone who is experienced in fat transfer surgery who knows how to achieve the look you want
  5. If you like the before and after pictures (which should be taken after one year, not one month), then you have your surgeon

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Fat Graft Survival

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While a high percentage of fat does survive using the Coleman technique, 90% may be a bit high of an estimation.  Quantification of fat survival is very difficult to do objectively.  There are many variables that can affect survival.  Having said that, there is no question that this technique is very effective. 

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