Is this fat or gynecomastia? (photo)

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Is it Gynecomastia

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The male breast is composed of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. An excess in either type of tissue can cause the chest to take on the look of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can affect men of all different body types.
According to official statistics, 36% of adult young men and 57% of older #adult men in the United States have this medical condition in one of the four grades.
About 200,000 to 3 million cases of #gynecomastia are being reported every single year. So if you have #breast #enlargement and you feel you're an exception, please understand that 1 in 3 young adult #men and 1 in 2 older adult men are just like you and have breast enlargement.
Several common factors can cause gynecomastia including excessive levels of #estrogen, natural #hormone changes, use of recreational drugs or alcohol, medications and their associated side effects, and, various health conditions. Also, there are different types of #gynecomastia.
There are three types of surgical #treatment #options available that treat gynecomastia. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will recommend the type best suited for you. The most important decision to be made before performing any surgical procedure is determining whether you are an ideal #candidate.


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The short answer is yes and yes. There is probably some degree of gland component involved also. This is treated as an outpatient under local anesthesia with light sedation using a tiny almost invisible incision in the armpit to remove both the fat and the firm gland, leaving though visible scar on your chest. 

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Mostly glandular tisse

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How should I choose a surgeon? Choose carefully. The decision is yours. Advice to assist in making your selection.Only a board certified plastic surgeon 1. Experience matters. Choosing a surgeon increases the likelihood that they have seen a case similar to yours in the past. Selecting a surgeon whose practice is focused on gynecomastia exclusively is also an indicator of experience. 2. Results matter. The more before-and-after pictures, the better. Pay attention whether the surgeon is confident enough to show multiple angles of the same patient. 3.Only gynecomastia Reviews matter. 4. Expertise matters. Is your surgeon recognized by the profession as an authority in the field? Have they authored books or medical journal articles regarding your surgery? Be realistic about your expectations. Also, revision surgery tends to be significantly more difficult than initial surgery.So be extremely careful choosing the right Plastic Surgeon at the beginning.

Fat or Gland

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Dear Rahul,
it looks like combination of both . But whatever it is , treatment is only surgery. It is easily correctable problem and day care surgery .You can resume your office work on third day. 


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Thank you for your question and photo.  It is likely that it is a combination of both.  Only an in-person examination by a board-certified plastic surgeon will give you the correct answer.

All the best,

Dr. Results
Miami, FL

Fat or gynaecomastia

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It is not possible to tell from a photograph. I would advise you to see a suitably qualified and experiences plastic surgeon.

In general fat is soft and gynaecomastia is firmer and can be tender. Fat can be removed by liposuction. Gynaecomastia is glandular breast tissue which is much tougher than fat and usually needs to be removed by surgical excision.

Sometimes there is an element of extra glandular tissue and fat. In this case it is a matter of professional judgement as to whether liposuction will be sufficient.

If your breast feels soft I would anticipate that it could at least be improved with liposuction. If the your breasts are firmer and if the enlargement is recent then it is more likely to be gynaecomastia. Although gynaecomastia frequently does not appear to have a cause it can be due to medical problems which can be serious. Gynaecomastia should be assessed by a physician/surgeon.

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