Was that a failed abdominoplasty? I need help. (photos)

I did tummytuck exactly 5 wks back and my tummy looks like this.I can find only very less difference between my pre op and post op tummy.i dont have pre op photos with me.I lost my belly button also.There are only 2 dots in place of my belly button.Can you please tell me why it is so andwhy the doctor has marked like an inverted V.As I travelled abroad after 4 wks of surgery I cannot consult him anymore and dont want to. I am really upset with the result.Would you suggest a revision tummy tuck?

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Revision tummy tuck

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I can sympathise with your feelings. I must admit, I have never seen an incision like that. Factually speaking, I cannot comment on the result before looking at the pre op pics, but I will take your word on it.It's important for you to meet a board certified plastic surgeon who can assess clinically what has been done and what needs to be done. I would urge you to err on the side of caution and wait for some time before you undergo a revision procedure. But yes, I am sure this can be fixed.

Failed TT

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You do have a peculiar incision pattern and the loss of your belly button is unfortunate but can happen and is one of the risks of surgery. Without pre-op pics, difficult to assess the entire situation. A revision should be possible. good luck

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