Does CO2 laser treatment removes all the spots and discoloration ?

i have spots on.y face due to pimples but i want to get rid of them so is laser co2 treatment would work to fade away?

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Does CO2 laser treatment removes all the spots and discoloration ?

Thanks for your query. Co2 laser works very good on the spots as it helps to fill up the scars. The discoloration also lightens with fco2 laser but it works more with chemical peels. So you should go in for package which covers both the pigmentation and scars i.e. laser and peel, which you can alternate with each other. You can visit a dermatologist and work it out. Hope it helps

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CO2 Laser Removes Some Spots But Not All

Different colors in our skin (ie brown spots, black hair follicles, blood vessels) absorb different types of laser light. Laser light that is absorbed by blood vessels is not likely to improve a brown spot and visa versa. Depth of laser penetration is also an issue. CO2 laser is probably the best for removing the most spots, especially those on the surface. It will also improve brown spots within the skin if the settings get penetration to the cells that produce brown pigment. It is not likely to satisfy the concerns of someone who has unsightly blood vessels/spider veins or unwanted hair.

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