My breast size very small 28. My age is 20. What do I have to do? I feel very shy with my breasts.

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Unhappy with small breast size

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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes but if you are unhappy with the size of your breasts than breast augmentation is the only reliable way to increase your breast size.  Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

My breast size very small 28. My age is 20. What do I have to do? I feel very shy with my breasts.

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Thank you for your question.

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel Implants is a good option for you. You should find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and discuss all options with him. 

All The Best !

Ajaya Kashyap, MD
India Plastic Surgeon
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Greetings from Istanbul

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Dear patient, thank you for this question.
First thing you need to do is understand is it a real problem for you or not?
If you do not feel confident in your small age (which can cause a problem in personal and carrier life), definitely you need to make a decision of geting plastic surgery.
As I see, you are from India. You need to explore the market of plastic surgeons in your area.
Since breast augmentation is serious surgery, you need to be ready for it psychologically too. Please do not wait that all world will change for you after the surgery, remember: you can do the best only for yourself.
That is why I think that Breast Augmentation for you is a great idea, so after that you may become happy young woman.
With Wishing of Good Luck and Greetings from Istanbul, TT.

Tunc Tiryaki, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation

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If you are interested in considering breast augmentation I recommend that you find a board certified Plastic Surgeon near you and book a consultation to discuss your concerns and your surgical options.

All the best

My breast size very small 28. My age is 20. What do I have to do? I feel very shy with my breasts.

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Thank you for your question. Breast augmentation with breast implants can help increase breast size and improve shape. Since you are 20 I would recommend waiting until you are 22 so you can have the new silicone gel implants. Under age 22 you would have to have saline implants which in my opinion are not as good as the silicone fopr many reasons.

When you do decide implants placed under the chest muscle have many advantages.

Please read below for more information.

Whenyou are ready consult at least two bioard certified plastic surgeons who have good reviews on Realself in your area.

Small Breast at the age of 20

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I deally breast implant surgery is recommanded  after age of 22 as breast development  is taking place  till this age.  so if possible wait.   if you are emotionally afected and loosing confidence you can contact qualified plastic surgeon   and discuss in detail.

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
India Plastic Surgeon
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A breast augmentation consultation can answer your questions and help you decide

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Many women choose to enhance their breasts with breast augmentation in order to feel more proportional and confident in their clothes. The surgery is not for everyone, but those who chose this option often find great satisfaction with their results and say that it made a big difference for them. You can get more information and possibly satisfy your curiosity by having a consultation with a plastic surgeon. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths." Best of luck to you.

Ted Eisenberg, DO, FACOS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation may Help

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Thanks for your question.  Your concern is very normal.  In fact, breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular surgeries in the world.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with, that listens to your concerns, and has a team that also cares for you needs.  

Cheers and all the best to you,
Steven Camp MD

Steven M. Camp, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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Find a surgeon that your like, trust and think is going to give you what YOU want.

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Lots of people are uncomfortable with how they look.  Your surgeon has seen it all before and should be able to soothe your concerns and go over the options available to you. Make sure to find someone that sets you at ease.  Someone you think wants the very best for you.  Someone willing to see you on more than one occasion to make sure they know exactly what you are looking for.  Someone that makes you feel like getting the very best result is the most important task in the world to them.  And of course make sure that you are confident that they will be there to take care of any concerns after your surgery.

Dr Rodger Shortt
Oakville Plastic Surgeon
Assistant Clinical Professor &
Director of Cosmetic Surgery Training,
McMaster University

Performing plastic surgery for Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Georgetown, Milton, Hamilton and Toronto.

Rodger Shortt, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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My breast size very small 28. My age is 20. What do I have to do?

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Based on your description and concerns, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. I would suggest  seeking consultation with a few board-certified plastic surgeons. ***Ask to see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done. It will be important to communicate your goals carefully as well.
Best wishes.

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