Applying Fuller's Earth after 1st Session of Glycolic Peel

I am Indian Male 26 years old and done my first session of Glycolic Peel. I wanted to know in how many days I can start applying Fuller's Earth on my face. I also apply Potato on my face, can it be started after 2 days of peel.

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Applying Fuller's Earth after 1st Session of Glycolic Peel

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Thanks for your query. Application of fuller’s earth should not be done if you are planning for a series of peels as peels cause exfoliation and dries up the skin and fullers earth makes the skin even drier and can even cause breakouts. On the other hand potato can be applied after day 7 of peel but it varies according to the strength of the glycolic peel. Just wait and let the peel do all the magic and don’t apply anything on the face in between the series of peels. Just keep yourself hydrated and protect from sun. Hope it helps.

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