4 Months Braces? (photo)

I have started upper braces on jan and lower braces ths month.My doctor said that he can fix my teeth by sept ths year as I will be flying abroad.Is it possible to correct lower teeth within 4 months?I only heard of 6 mnths smile.If so thn will it cause any damage to my teeth?Pls note that i have weak and sensitive teeth esp the one with preceded gum bleeded the night i had worn spacer.PLS help me (the pic was taken before)

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4 month orthodontic correction

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asking how long orthodontic treatment will take is like asking how long your next road trip will be....it all depends on how far you are going.  No matter what the ads say, 6 months smiles can only correct problems that can be corrected in 6 months...have a more difficult problem and it takes longer. The way that doctors get away with this limited treatment time is to have limited goals...not correcting everything that needs correcting.

Can you get done in 4 months...sure...but it will be far from perfect...just make sure you know what will and will not be corrected before you start!

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