How do I get this to match the other? Is there a chance? (photos)

I trust my surgeon when he wants me to massage aggressively and get this crease to release, But can I be too aggressive? it is painfu, and so far after a couple of months of massage, there is no change. I hope there's hope for the sad lefty

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It may change a bit more, it may not. If it persists, say for a year, it could be improved with a small surgical procedure with minimal downtime.

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Contour deformity after explant

After removing an implant, the space previously occupied by the implant is now empty. Often that space closes on it's on with minimal effect on the surrounding tissues, as your right breast did. Other times, the space collapses and pulls the tissues with it, as it did on your left breast. Your surgeon's recommendation for massage of the area is the right first step to try ad break up scar tissue to allow the skin to tighten up. It can improve for 6 months and even up to a year. The fact that you are still tender in the area is an indication that there may still be some swelling in the area. If after 6 months there is no change, your surgeon will discuss options. You can accept the difference, you could have a breast lift, on both breasts, or possibly fat grafting to the area to improve the contour. Talk to your surgeon about the options to decide which his best for you.

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