What are these lines on my face? 15 years old. (Photo)

I have these lines on my face as seen in picture. They seem to be getting worse and worse everyday starting from about 6 months ago. They lower my self esteem extremely. What are these? What are treatment options? Thanks so much in advance.

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Facial lines in a teen

are not very common and I'm assuming you mean the lines on your upper cheeks.  You could have some swelling in your lower lids contributing to this or hereditary malar bags.  Regardless, you should see a local plastic surgeon to find out what options you may have to help this 'go away' realizing that the fix may not be permanent.  Improvements can certainly be made.  Best wishes!

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Animation Lines - #plasticsurgery

Lines on the forehead are secondary to contraction of the frontalis muscle.  The muscle function is important to elevate your brow out of you eyes as well as show facial expression.  The skin must fold like an accordion.  This is all normal anatomy.  This is something that should not affect the body image of a 15 year old, so I would advise discussing your concerns with a parent or other trusted adult.  Older patients may have the lines eased with Botox, but this can cause the brow to droop in some cases and make the person look tired or angry. 

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