What has cause this infection to look like this? (photos)

9 days POYesterday My left hip was hurting could barley lift/ move it but no redness. no redness or drainage Temp 102.5. Called my MD calls in amoxicillin. Fever kept spiking. Got three doses of amoxicillin in and still had a fever & pain Called MD. He says to go to ER. They have done blood cultures. I have an elevated WBC of almost 17! CT scan no fluid collection. Started me on vanc and zosyn IV. MD will recheck CBC in am and if not improved he will have to open me up again and clean me out?

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Post op infection

Unfortunately any surgery can be complicated by infection. Sounds like you are being carefully tended to and are on powerful antibiotics. Stay in touch with your doctor.

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Post op infection

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Despite a surgeons best practices, a patient can develop an infection. Continue to monitor is closely and hopefully, it will resolve on its own. 
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What has cause this infection to look like this? (photos)

Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your infection after a tummy tuck.  It appears that you have a cellulitis, or infection of the skin and soft tissues of your abdomen and leg.  Because a tummy tuck is an extensive surgery with an abundance of dissection enough bacteria can enter through the incision to cause an infection despite our best precautions.  At this point the greatest concern is discovering the bacterial source of the infection and treating it with the appropriate antibiotic to clear it.  Your surgeon has recommended the appropriate treatment and I do hope it clears without the need for additional surgical intervention.  

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Tummy tuck post op infection - Very small chance

Thank you for your question and photos. Sorry to hear about your post-op issues. There are a very small percent of patients who develop post op infections despite taking every precaution before, during, and after surgery. The key is to recognize the problem and have an appropriate plan of treatment. It sounds like your surgeon is on top of it and taking the appropriate steps to treat you. Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery.


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What has cause this infection to look like this?

Thank you for your question.  Post op infection can occur , even though we take all precautions. Look like you are getting good follow up care. Good luck

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What has cause this infection to look like this? (photos)

Severe postop infections are a complication that can never be predicted. Appears you are having good follow ups>>>>>>>

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Infection post op

This is the 64000 question.In spite of all the precautions we take infections will occur no matter what.the key is to have a surgeon who can correctly recognize this and treat it. sounds like all the appropriate steps are being taken.

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