I Have Indentions That Are Extremely Hard and Wrinkled in my Abdominal Area After a Mini Tummy Tuck. What is This? (photo)

I now sit at 4 weeks post-op. here areas are hardened and extremely wrinkled. When I bend forward the y are so hard they actually cause my upper abdominal skin to overlap. It looks horrific. Please help.

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Firm areas after tummy tuck/lipo are common

Firm, hard areas after body contouring procedures are very common.  You would benefit from some post op treatment with Endermologie to help smooth out the wrinkles caused by the procedure.  We offer any where from 5-10 Endermologie treatments to all our body contouring patients post-operatively.  This is like a large vacuum cleaner with a applicator head with 2 rollers that glide and grab the skin as it sucks the tissue.  This helps to eliminate the irregularities caused by the surgical procedure.  Also, if you had loose or badly damaged skin from stretch marks or previous pregnancies the skin could react as it has for you.  Talk with your plastic surgeon about additional procedures such as Endermologie to help improve your result.

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Hello, being your only 4 weeks post-surgery you are still very swollen, I would continue to wear the compression garment 24-7. If in a few months you still feel the same way you need to contact your plastic surgeon. For the hard areas you mentioned you can message to help break down the scar tissue. Make sure you see your surgeon to make sure that it is in fact scar tissue.



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I Have Indentions That Are Extremely Hard and Wrinkled in my Abdominal Area After a Mini Tummy Tuck. What is This?

The photo posted shows indentations due to liposuction and a poor choice of operations in that a mini TT most likely was not the correct operation. But to be sure post before photos.. 

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