Indention Between Eyes and Cheek Bone After Lower Facelift/upper and Lower Lids 19months PO: What is my Best Option? (photo)

Can an indention from underneath my eye to my cheek bone be repaired after a facelift? I still have a little fat underneath each eye, but a little suken between the lower lid and cheek bone on the left side. My PS is willing to do something about my eyes, but what would be the best approach to fix them? Eyes sutured on the corners when I laugh or smile big. Dr. will fix at no cost to me and will do laser if I do a brow lift which I intended to do this Summer. No brow lift he will fix eyes anyway

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Indentation after surgery

It is unclear exactly how the indentation occurred, but it may be "fixed" with fillers. However, the fillers will need to be repeated. Fat injection may be more of a permanent fix but may require several treatments.

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How to fill "dent" over cheek after facelift? (photo)

In agreement with Dr. Tavoussi, the contours around both eyelids and cheek result from a combination of your pre-surgical anatomy and the techniques incorporated during your procedure.  Your primary surgeon is intimately aware of both factors, and is therefore best prepared to correct the problems. 

In general, both non-surgical (fillers) and surgical approaches are possible.  Fillers, while much less invasive and immediately effective, improve contours temporarily.  Surgical revision is more complex and commits you to recovery time, but the results last indefinitely.

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Face lift

First according to the pictures posted you do not need a brow lift.

As for the dent, I can not thing what caused it.

Fat grafting small amounts at a time may solve the problem. The issue here is to match the opposite side, I am afraid with fat grafting it may look higher than the opposite side.

Have your doctor repair it he may know what is the reason for the dent

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Facelift and eyelid surgery

I think a good option for the groove between your lower eyelid skin and your cheek region would be:

-fat grafting

Adding a subtle amount of your own fat to this area could help to smooth out the contour in that region, but needs to be done carefully to avoid irregularities in the region.

Best wishes,

-Dr. Jamil Asaria

FACE Cosmetic Surgery

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Indention Between Eyes and Cheek Bone

Your surgeon will be the best person to fix this as he is aware of what was done and what needs to be done to correct this. 

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Indent after facelift

Hard to know exactly why this is present. One solution can be fat grafting which will smothen out the junction between the lower eye lid and cheek.

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it is impossible to know what caused it without knowing the preop anatomy and the exact procedure done. all previous posts are reasonable and correct. you need to cosult with your plastic surgeon and consider a second opinion (with photos and op note available). fillers are always  simple good choice as a temporary solution while considering options. good luck

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