Indentations on Forehead After Coronal Browlift, is a Fat Transfer the Best Option?

I had a coronal brow lift 3 years ago and I ended up with indentations above my eyebrows. The PS said that he could fill it in with fat from my abdomen. What is your opinion on that and will the fat stay where it should or will it be absorbed by my body or migrate?

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Forehead indentations after brow lift

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Where the corrugator muscles are removed there may be a depression and fat fills this beautifully adding the volume and the texture. It is the most permanent solution

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Fat Transfer to fill in Facial Indentations

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The short answer is that Fat Grafting (fat transfer) by lipoinjection can improve your acquired indentations but is not totally predictable. You will have to weigh Fillers vs Fat Grafting.

Pro: Fat Transfer by lipoinjection is more of a permanent solution.                                       Con: Because the amount of fat that survives is variable you may need to do additional treatments. Further as the fat transferred behaves like fat from the donor site, if you gain a lot of weight the fat transfer will also increase with volume.

Pro: Fillers: Indentations on your forehead can be filled in be fillers such as Radiesse, Jeuvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra and others                                                                     Con: Because they are not permanent you will have to have these areas re-injected over time.

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