Indentations on Chin from IPL. Any Treatment Options?

This is my 4th time with IPL. The others were 8 years ago, they were great. This time I received a coupon for what i thought was a reputable salon. All they cared about was money. Anyway, I now hve ice-pick scars on my chin that are deepening. another derm thought they were acne scars. Is there any treatment for these indentations?

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IPL can cause scarring but not ice pick scars

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Ice pick scars are usually due to acne.  IPL, if it causes burns can result in scars that are usually in the shape of the piece that contacts the skin or some geometric shape if the piece did not contact the skin completely perpendicularly.

Is it possible that prior to IPL you were not aware of the scars there?

I do recommend that any laser or cosmetic procedures are done by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with training and experience in those procedures.

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