Indentation 2 Weeks Post-Op Laser Lipo?

I had laser lipo 2 weeks ago and even the day of surgery noticed a indent in my lower abdomen. Also my skin looks uneven and a little wrinkly. I am a small person at 115 pounds and had good elastic skin post pregnany with no strech marks. Just a lower abd and flank problem areas. I know swelling and irregularities are notmal during this period. But will an indentation resolve? I also know it can take up to 6 weeks for 80 percent of the swelling to resolve. I just have a feeling this is not good!

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Dent after liposuction

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This may be a permanent depression and can be due to a variety of causes but it is likely made worse by the surrounding and it would be wise to wait  6-9 months to assess the final result and possible treatment options.

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Contour Abnormalities and Liposuction

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It seems you have a good understanding of your post op expectations.  It is hard to speculate what the outcome will be only two weeks in.  If there is a modest contour deformity down the road it is an issue that can be address with corrective measures.

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Indent after laser lipo

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Indentations are a risk after any liposuction. If it does not resolve in three to six months fat injections may be done with a good result.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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You may be right, but only time will tell

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Indentions may settle out over time, as you've already suggested, so give it time. Meanwhile, make sure your garment isn't creating any indentions in your skin. If it is, get in touch with your plastic surgeon's office to get a new garment or for suggestions about how to modify your current garment. I would also recommend starting lymphatic massage now, as this will help expedite the resolution of swelling and will help soften scar tissue. 

If your indention does remain, it may be corrected later on with a fat graft, if needed.  Or it may be that a tummy tuck was a better option for you, since you have had prior pregnancy and you are very thin--I'm guessing that skin is more an issue for you than fat is.  This is something to address with your plastic surgeon.  Keep in mind that if you saw a "cosmetic surgeon" (not a plastic surgeon), the cosmetic surgeon may not have even discussed a tummy tuck with you because he/she can't do that surgery.

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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