Indentation Taking Place in Upper Bridge 7days Post Op?

Ok so last Saturday I had a rhinoplasty done everything went perfect. Yesterday I got my tape cast off my nose looked perfect, it was completely straight butthe tip was still swollen. I staid up pretty late last night and my mom noticed that on the upper bridge of my nose in between my eyes it was a little red but I went to bed like nothing At 7 I woke up and noticed it sank It looks like an indentation is taking place I'm freaking out because I used to have a hooky kind of nose I am 14 yr girl

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Rhinoplasty healing time

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Dear Scared,

  • Please do not worry, it is way, way too early to know the final results
  • It will swell, come down, swell again in different places over the couple of weeks
  • In about a month you will have some idea of what the bridge will look like
  • In 6 months, you will have the final result
  • Talk to your surgeon if you have any concerns

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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