Why Do I Still Have This Indentation Plus Another 1 After my Lipo Revision? I Look Worse.

I had lipo done to my abs and flanks 6 mths ago with good results but I noticed an indentation on my lower back/flank right area so the doc revised that section with fat graft but it "looks" as if the fat was added above the indent and now i look even worse with two indents and the fat graft bubble in the middle. He said for me to wait it off and that he grafted the fat to the correct area but it is possible for fat to migrate a little if anything. is this BS or should I trust him? I'm afraid...

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Trust your surgeon from liposuction

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If you have trusted your surgeon to put your health and appearance in his or her hands, then you should trust their experience and recommendations. Some times there is more collagen that your body produces underneath an indentation and that may push the new fat to surrounding areas. You do have to wait for swelling to reduce and followup with your surgeon for possible further modifications.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Be Patient With Fat Grafting For Liposuction Indentations

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As Dr. Placik has said, if you are happy with the abdominal results, then trust your surgeon to know what he/she is doing to help contour things.  Fat grafting often takes multiple sessions to get the fact exactky where it needs to be, as well as the accurate volume.  Be patient and address it with your surgeon, but I would trust them to know what they are doing.  I hope this helps.

Fat grafting for liposuction irregularities.

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I would trust your physician for now as he/she had produced satisfactory reults elsewhere. Give ti some time. Fat grafting is imprecise and may require more than one session.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Indent after lipo/graft

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There is always the risk of indentation after liposuction.you had a graft placed and now it is worse.I think if the area is hard/firm I would do heat and massage and wait and see.Sometimes it can take several months to settle down.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Correction of liposuction deformities

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It may be hard to accurately judge the recontoured area until another 6 months has passed. I would continue to wait. You were pleased with your initial results thus you should trust that your surgeon. Dr ES

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