Increasingly Bulging Upper Stomach After Lower Abdomen Tummy Tuck.

Had tummy tuck Dec 2010 for purposes of reconstructing breast after mastectomy(autologous tissue). My tuck is very tight(tissue removed is from lower adomen), and I now have this increasingly protruding upper stomach starting from under breasts, through midriff. I feel like my organs have been pushed up to this region, very tight. Wondering if something could have been left in there from surgery. It's getting increasingly worse, belts from just from weeks ago don't fit. Worried!

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Bulge after tummy tuck / TRAM flap

I suggest you make an appointment to get in to see your plastic surgeon as soon as it is convenient.  There are a number of possible explanations for what is going on.  Materials are meticulously tracked in the operating room, and I think it is very unlikely that anything was "left inside", especially if you have been fine until recently.  More likely you have developed a hernia in the donor site for your autologous tissue.  Your surgeon should be able to make this determination and recommend treatment.

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