Increased Upper Lip-length Post Rhinoplasty, Will this Subside as Swelling Goes Down?

I am 9 weeks post-rhinoplasty. Had lots of work done around anterior spine and cartilage, as well as de-humping and osteomies. Now I feel that my upper lip has lengthened. It measures 14mm. Is this still within the female average? I know lip-lifts can go horribly wrong and would like to avoid this but panic about looking mannish. Is it possible the upper-lip length will reduce as nasal swelling subsides? I may need a revision as I have nasal bone callous . Will this further lengthen upper lip?

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Increased Upper Lip Length Post Rhinoplasty

The apparent upper lip length may decrease as swelling resolves. It is way too soon to be discussing revision surgery but removing a nasal bone callous will have no effect on the length of your upper lip.

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Lip length post-op

9 weeks post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery and shape of your upper lip - be patient and follow up with your surgeon.

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