Increased Swelling and Redness?

I has a breast reduction 2 months ago today. Approximately two weeks ago I noticed increased redness and swelling on the inner portion of each breast. I can also see the pores due to the swelling. It is not painful, does not feel warm to the touch and there is no bruising. It does feel firmer and under one breast it feels like one of the stitches is poking thru the skin. I had been healing relatively well up until this point. Could this be a reaction to the internal stitches or part of healing?

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Redness and swelling after a breast reduction

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What you are experiencing is normal dependent swelling.  The tissue and skin will feel somewhat boggy and it is this swelling that makes the pores seem enlarged.  It is not an infection.  It probably gets worse at the end of the day and better when you get up in the morning.  If you notice drainage or have a fever then you should be seen by your plastic surgeon. 

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