Increased Appetite During Recovery After Vaser Lipo?

I have noticed an increased desire to eat! Is this normal while recovering? Will eating more than before result in becoming fat again? I am trying my best to make sure I don't go down that road again.

Also, for Vaser Hi Def, when should I expect the best results? I notice a stifness on my sides and I wonder if it is still swelling or a result of the surgery.

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Increased appetite normal after liposuction

Your body has a homeostatic mechanism to replenish the fluids that you have lost. This is normal. As you may know, liposuction does not bring about weight loss necessarily; the fat cells that have been suctioned are permanently removed. If you were to gain weight back, you will not have to worry about the body areas that had undergone liposuction if the fat cells were adequately removed. However, you may experience hypertrophy of fat cells in other places of your body that did not undergo liposuction, e.g. breasts, hips, omental fat area (beneath the abdominal muscles). The swelling associated with tumescent liposuction technique with Vaser tends to resolve much quicker than traditional liposuction technique under general anesthesia, particularly if the experienced surgeon left the 'port hole's opened vs. having them sewn up. These port holes that are left open will heal and close up on their own in 3-4 days.

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