Are There Legitimate Options To Increase Penile Size?

I am a college student, and my penis is not how i would like, it is smaller and skinner than i would be proud of. is there a safe way to increase these two? i would prefer it be exercises or pills, opposed to surgery or injections.

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Safe Penis Enlargement

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There are many ways to go wrong with penile surgery. Most interventions marketed to increase penis size can be very destructive. "Permanent fillers" such as silicone, radiesse sculptra etc should never be injected and tend to create life changing disasters. In my opinion incision based interventions should not be performed in general. Ligament transection, v-y plasty and other incision based techniques can cause pathological scarring and actually shrink the length of the penis and threaten its function. In my practice I offer a structural fat based technique that allows lengthening and dramatic increase in girth of the penis while avoiding the complication profiles of other techniques. Using the patient's own fat, I push the base of the penis away from the abdominal wall and stent out the length, shape and increase the girth of the penis. Patient satisfaction is very very high and deleterious consequences are avoided. There is a limitation to the length and girth that can be obtained but dramatic gains can be delivered safely. I hope this helps!

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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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