Inconsistent Vision and Night Vision Issues Post-LASIK, Is this Normal?

I had all laser LASIK 10 months ago and while much of the time I see 20/15 (was at my 6 month appt), my vision is inconsistent and eye dryness (especially while sleeping) is an issue. My vision is sometime blurry or have indoor glare and at night sometimes it's OK (still have some starbursts/glare), then other times I feel like I need drops constantly to keep seeing clearly. Since 6 months was supposed to be the "final" result, am I stuck with inconsistent vision and dryness effects for good?

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Inconsistent vision after LASIK

Fluctuating vision is a common issue whether or not people have had LASIK.  Usually, this improves over time after LASIK.  There are other treatments that you can do, such as eyelid scrubbing, ointment at bedtime, frequent breaks at the computer as well as instillation of a medical device known as punctal plugs to  to keep your tears in your eyes longer.  Speak with your eyeMD to determine the best options for you. Try to be patient as this does improve over time but can vary with the weather. Here in Southern CA, the reduced humidity associated with warmer weather and Santa Ana winds, can induce dryness, even in individuals who did not have surgery so do not get discouraged.

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Dryness following LASIK, fluctuating vision DC metro area

This is likely due to mild dryness and may be remedied by using a medicated eyedrop called Restasis if you aren't on this already.  This medication stabilizes the tearfilm and makes the vision a bit more stable with less fluctuation.  Also, avoid using ceiling fans, turn vents away and increase humidity in the bedroom with a humidifier.  computer use will dry eyes also, use more frequent tears at times.   6 months is a typical benchmark but everyone is different.  don't sweat it too much, it won't be forever. 

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