How Can I Include the Following Products into my AM and PM Skin Care Regiment?

How can I include the following products into my AM and PM regiment in order to achieve the best effects from each product in treating melasma: (1) Vivite Vibrance Therapy (glycolic); (2) Vitamin C&E + Ferulic Serugel; (3) NIA24 Rapid Depigmentation (niacin); (4) NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex cream; (5) Tretinoin cream 0.025%; (6) Hydroquinone cream 4%? Should I not use any of these at the same time with another as it can break down the compounds of the other one when applied at the same time

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Product regimens

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Product regimens need to be set by your prescribing office. This is a lot of topical agents and some of these are not going to be great together and can cause excessive redness, peeling, and more problems! Revisit the office where you purchased all of these and ask them to sit and go over the regimen with you. This isn't something you should be trying to coordinate yourself and shame on the office that sold you all of these without going over proper usage!

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