Can I Get Incisors Put In My Mouth?

I want wanting to know is it possible to have incisors surgically put in your mouth!

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Implants to Replace Incisor Teeth

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As mentioned previously there are a few ways to replace incisors.  The best long term replacement is dental implant replacement. This is the only "Surgical" option as you asked about.  The other options are a removable partial denture (if you have other teeth present) or a bridge (also you must have adjacent teeth to "bridge" from.  Dental implants are just like having your natural teeth again. You may require bone grafting if there is bone loss in the area where the implants are to be placed.  Also sometimes  soft tissue grafting may be required in the area for both esthetics and implant succcess.

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

You CAN get incisors put in your mouth

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As stated before, implants, bridges or dentures are the 3 ways to do this.  If you are not missing any teeth, then crowning or veneering them will do the trick as well.

Replacing Incisors

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You have three choices when you have lost incisors:

1.  Implant - titanium man made tooth root implanted into your bone in, healed, and a crown placed over the top.  (Area of missing incisors might need bone grafting or augmentation to fit implant)

2.  Bridged - using adjacent teeth to anchor to with crowns, a false tooth is attached in between and bridged over the gap. (This assumes you have healthy teeth on each side of missing incisors.)

3.  Removable - incisors can be replaced with a removable partial denture that clips onto your back teeth and is removable for cleaning purposes. (This method is generally the least expensive proposal.)

Best of luck to you!  Dr. Summer Lerch

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